The Roomies
Quinn Allan

Quinn Allan

Matt Rua, producer

Quinn Allan started acting in his own independently-made films at the age of 17. Even at an early age he challenged himself by tackling projects bigger than his experience, often writing and directing while occasionally shooting or starring in his short films.

In 2003 Quinn began collaborating with fellow independent filmmaker, Jared Yanez, and the two formed their own production company, Mongrel Studios. Together, Quinn and Jared continued to produce work for years, Quinn often appearing in the films in small parts initially and eventually lead roles.

In 2009 Mongrel Studios produced their first feature film, with Quinn playing the lead as Matt Rua in The Roomies. Soon after he starred in another local project, a film called Tandem Hearts directed by musician/filmmaker Jon Garcia. Gaining credits fast, Quinn has since worked on several film productions in Portland, OR in addition to modeling and commercial work.

You can see many of Quinn’s films at or you can contact his agent at Option Model and Media, 503-233-4244.