The Roomies
Carly Carcione

Carly Carcione

Evelyn Hall

Carly Carcione used to walk around pretending there were cameras trained on her at all times. To her, life was a continual movie that she could manipulate at will. Camera-ready was not an option, but a must. Eventually she grew out of that and acting took a back seat to high school, college and life in general. She attended the University of Utah where she decided to go abroad to London to study theater for two months. Her next adventure, besides graduating from college, would be to pick up and move on a whim from Park City, UT where she and a friend played and lived to head to Portland, OR. Neither one had lined up jobs, housing or money. Also on the way her friend’s VW Bug decided to sputter out in die in the most desolate of places, Burns, OR.

She eventually made it to Portland, in more or less one piece, and because of the failing job market, she found that she had plenty of free time to finally pursue acting. After answering an ad for a local Indie Film called Miracle of the Widow and landing the gig she continued on a roll. She took on the part of femme fatale Evelyn Hall in The Roomies, shot a few commercials and webisodes, and wrapped filming on a sci-fi movie entitled Ingenium. She now juggles acting with full-time work at a local hospital and plans to maintain a presence in the ever-expanding Portland Film Industry.