The Roomies
Bevin Victoria Bevin Victoria playing with fire

Bevin Victoria

Joanna Rua

Bevin Victoria has been acting since long before she knew it. What started off as dinner shows put on for friends and family as a young child quickly turned into a love affair with all things entertainment. Emulating the classic entertainers of 30’s and 40’s, expressly Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron, Bevin decided that the "triple threat" archetype was the norm for any actor and if one didn't fall in that category, they should probably get over themselves and "just be a waiter or something".

Since that early stage in her career, Bevin has developed a broader and more humble appreciation for the craft and it's manifestations. With her background in Tae Kwon Do, competitive gymnastics, bellydance, fire performance, archery and stage combat she hopes to create a new archetype for the modern actor, one that sees her as an ass kicking, fire breathing, bellydancing heroine... who, of course, can still glissade around a stage while singing in the rain. Recently Bevin has had roles in The Roomies (Mongrel Studios), Purple Mind (Landfall Productions), and performs with Fire and Steel in the Portland area.

Agent contact: Actors In Action, Damon Jones 503.762.2911